Smoking may increase the risk of hearing loss

In the same noise environment, smokers are more likely to suffer from it than non-smokersHearing loss.According to a survey conducted by Peking University in China, smoking and high-intensity noise increase the risk of hearing loss.The survey found that for people who have been exposed to high-intensity noise environments for a long time (more than 10 years), smoking will have a more negative impact on them.

517 ginseng among them

有517名中国男性参与到了调查当中,他们都是日常接触高强度工业噪音的工人。结果发现,其中有60%的工人都是烟民。 所有参与调查的工人在高强度噪音环境中的工作时间至少为一年,噪音强度在80-118分贝之间,而这已远远高于世界上很多国家所建议的85分贝的日常噪音水平。

Workers who smoke should be protected

The results of the investigation have sparked two kinds of controversy. One is that workers who smoke are advised to quit smoking, while others have suggested that smoking workers should be kept away from high-intensity noisy working environments.If there is a correlation between smoking and high-intensity noise, then this conclusion is likely to help reduce the risk of hearing loss caused by noise.However, before finally determining whether smoking has an effect on hearing loss, it is necessary to collect more relevant data on the length of time workers have been exposed to high-intensity noise and their smoking history.

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