How to relieve tinnitus?Is it treatable?

The most effective way to relieve tinnitus

1. Change bad habits

When bathing or swimming, pay attention to prevent sewage from entering the ear canal to avoid causing ear canal infection.If sewage enters the ear canal, use a sterile cotton swab to absorb the water, and if necessary, use a little alcohol to sterilize it.Try not to dig earwax, because earwax has a protective effect on the ear canal and can be discharged by itself. If the ear canal is blocked by too much earwax, please ask an ear doctor to check and deal with it.

Final ThoughtsAlthough there are many causes of tinnitus, it is recommended that you take massage techniques to relieve it after it occurs. Generally, you can get back to normal after a few minutes of massage.If you don’t want tinnitus, it’s important not to smoke or drink alcohol. It’s also important to keep a good mood.

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