How to self-test my hearing?

10. I find it difficult to hear sounds when attending meetings, going to public places or family gatherings.

When these problems occur, check them in time, so that they can be detected and treated early!Hearing is a very important organ for us. Hearing loss can cause many problems (for example, when people around you are unwilling to communicate with you, and you will gradually alienate yourself, you will experience loneliness, low self-esteem and helplessness), long Patients who can’t hear the sound for a while will slowly decrease their language function! , Hearing loss cannot be ignored.

Pay attention to the hearing of yourself and your family members. If hearing impairment occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatment. If it cannot be resolved by surgery, you must wear it as soon as possible. Hearing aid , To help you solve the problem of hearing sounds, it is important to eliminate the emotional and psychological shadows caused by hearing loss, rebuild your self-confidence, and give you a better life, and let you hear the sound of nature again Beautiful voice.

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