What is residual hearing?

The protection of residual hearing is very important for the hearing impaired. Protecting the residual hearing can make the impaired hearing better. At present, the best way to protect the residual hearing is to wear it. Hearing aid , And hearing aids have the effect of improving hearing.

The significance of protecting residual hearing
The first solution for patients with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss is to wear Hearing aid , But for patients with good mid and low frequencies and poor high frequencies, although the perception of loudness is close to normal, the improvement of speech recognition ability often fails to achieve satisfactory results.Today, with more and more attention to the quality of life, these patients are increasingly inclined to cochlear implants in order to obtain more complete sound information.However, these patients often do not want their natural hearing to be damaged after surgery because some of their hearing is still good.From the perspective of the surgeon, not only the smooth implantation of the electrodes is required, but the higher requirement is “micro-damage, zero damage” to the cochlear structure, which provides a better structural foundation for future updated treatment technologies and reserves space for the application of new technologies. , Such as drug therapy, gene therapy, hair cell regeneration, etc.From the patient’s perspective, not only has space for the application of new technologies in the future been reserved, and the patient’s confidence in implanting cochlear implants is strengthened, but also they can use their residual hearing and cochlear implants to synergize to obtain a better hearing experience. Hearing aids have already been introduced in China. The combined acoustic-electrical stimulation system (EAS), which is combined with two cochlear implants, aims to make better use of the patient’s residual hearing.In short, the preservation of residual hearing is of great significance for improving the patient’s distinguishing ability under noisy environments and for better enjoying music.

The design of more and more cochlear electrodes also tends to be minimally invasive. The soft tip and super soft electrodes are designed to damage the cochlear structure as little as possible.In addition to the use of electrodes, surgery to preserve residual hearing also has established procedures and medication requirements during the perioperative period.

XNUMX. Always pay attention to your hearing status and check your hearing regularly.

6. The way of health care is to nourish the kidney: Chinese medicine believes that the kidney opens up to the ears, and the loss of hearing is closely related to the kidney, so you can take more kidney-tonifying foods: such as walnut porridge, sesame porridge, peanut porridge, pig kidney porridge, etc. Food is good for hearing protection.

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