How many decibels of hearing loss will make you deaf?

Extremely severeHearing loss: More than 80 dB, the hearing impaired can no longer rely on hearing to communicate with others, and often need the help of lip reading and body language. Hearing aids can help the hearing impaired communicate with the outside world, protect the safety of the hearing impaired, and improve communication skills .

      Generally, people with hearing loss over 40 dB need to be equipped with hearing aids, and the sooner you can choose a hearing aid, the better.Otherwise it will affect life and communication with others.

      When we feel that we are suffering from deafness and hearing loss, such as inaudibility, inability to hear, often ask others to repeat language when communicating with others, and unconsciously turn up the volume when listening to music or watching TV Wait, we need to pay attention to this kind of time.

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