Will presbycusis affect family relationships?

1. Traffic accidents are easy to cause: The elderly suffer from deafness, because they cannot hear the sound of horns or horns, and traffic accidents are prone to occur on the road.

2. Prone to cause Alzheimer’s: Elderly people rarely talk to others due to deafness, slow response, mental decline, and disuse of auditory function over time, which may aggravate brain atrophy, eventually lead to deafness, and induce Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Affect sleep: Elderly deafness is often accompanied by tinnitus, often with high-frequency sound.It was intermittent at first, appeared in the dead of night, then gradually became continuous, and it was audible during the day.Tinnitus can seriously affect the quality of sleep.

1. First, promote a healthy lifestyle, good living habits, and a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, delay the aging of the body, prevent various senile diseases, and reduce the occurrence of presbycusis.

2. Hearing screening: Health examinations are widely carried out in my country, and hearing screenings have been included in the list of health examination items, in order to improve the awareness of ear-loving and ear-protection among the people under examination, early detection of hearing problems and timely medical treatment.

3. Middle-aged and elderly people should not eat too much fat and sweets.It is advisable to have a light diet to prevent the occurrence of systemic diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes, which may affect the auditory function of the ear.

4. Recite more and talk more.Persisting in reading newspapers every day can delay the degeneration of the language center.Talking with people around you can also exercise your hearing.

6. Earnestly take care of your ears.Do not dig your ears casually, and do not use earplugs to listen to music for a long time (not more than 30 minutes each time).

      More than half of the family members of patients with presbycusis thought that the elderly are old and the back of their ears is a normal phenomenon, so you don’t need to pay attention. This wrong view will not only cause severe hearing impairment in the elderly, but also cause physical and mental damage to the elderly. harm.Wearing hearing aids can help improve the hearing status of the elderly. Experts point out that early treatment intervention for patients with presbycusis can preserve the residual hearing and prevent further hearing loss, because the preservation of residual hearing is very important to improve the quality of life of the elderly in later years.After the early symptoms appear, it is necessary to consider whether there is hearing impairment, and take the audiometry examination as soon as possible in order to intervene and treat in time.

      Remind everyone: To prevent presbycusis, ototoxic drugs should be used with caution.Keep exercising every day to avoid noise irritating your ears, so as not to cause hearing loss and cause deafness.Secondly, we must quit smoking and alcohol and other bad habits, and we must pay more attention to diet.There are many things to do to prevent deafness. Only by taking good care of hearing can we reduce the incidence of deafness and have healthy hearing.

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