Safe flight and ear protection

In modern society, with the accelerating pace of work and life, more and more people choose to travel by plane.Some white-collar business people often even “fly” to “fly” because of work needs.However, frequent air travel may cause air pressure otitis media and cause hearing loss.The main reason is that when the aircraft rises rapidly or drops suddenly, the external air pressure changes sharply, and the pressure in the middle ear cavity loses balance with the external air pressure, which can easily lead to aviation otitis media.Earache and hearing loss may occur at this time. If you do not see a doctor in time, several trips by plane can cause a significant hearing loss.

For this reason, you need to take some measures to protect your ears when taking the flight:

1. The most effective way: wearing airplane earplugs can automatically adjust the air pressure in the ears and enjoy a quiet flight journey.

2. When taking a larger aircraft, the air pressure in the cabin is higher than that of a regional aircraft.You can do some actions to make the eustachian tube open.For example, swallowing, eating, drinking, yawning, etc.But don’t drink alcohol, because alcohol will increase mucus and cause swelling of the Eustachian tube, which makes earaches worse.

3. Before the trip, find a doctor to dispense vasoconstrictor drugs, drip them into the nasal cavity, expand the Eustachian tube, and relieve discomfort before the plane landed.

4. For people with severe cold and nasal congestion, try to avoid flying by plane.If it is unavoidable, clean up the secretions in the nasal cavity as much as possible before boarding, and use ephedrine nasal drops to shrink the nasal cavity and nasopharyngeal mucosal blood vessels to improve ventilation.

5. If you take your child on a flight, let the child take milk when the plane takes off and land, or feed him with a bottle, or let him have a soothing pacifier.Because both sucking and swallowing can dilate the Eustachian tube, reduce the pressure inside the ear, and then reduce the pain.If the child is more than 4 years old, you can let him chew gum, or eat or drink, so as to reduce the pressure on the ears.Yawning or pinching your nose and blowing into it can also help.

Reminder: often eat some sweets when flying by plane, and keep chewing and swallowing, so that the opening of the Eustachian tube in the nasopharynx is opened, air can enter and exit the tympanum freely, and the air pressure inside and outside the tympanum can effectively maintain a balance and promote the recovery and normality of the tympanic membrane. , Alleviate tinnitus, thereby protecting the ears.

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