Grasp the critical period of speech development, six ways to improve children’s language skills

Since the child fell to the ground, the first language to learn to interact with mom and dad is “cry”. Different crying sounds may represent hungry, wanting to sleep, want to find someone to play, etc. They also learn the essential meaning from the first day of birth “Language” on.

However, language learning is not about participating in various courses or talent classes, but more talking and interacting with children, through the most basic language input, and slowly through the overlap of long-term “hearing” and “life experience” to master the three Before the golden age of brain development, you can easily learn languages ​​by using the following six language strategies at the right time.

A child’s language development process is established, and the amount of experience and stimulation will affect individual learning speed, but parents are always worried that their children cannot keep up with their normal development, and the key factor affecting learning is the interaction between parents and children.
Language learning is inseparable from the context. Making good use of language strategies combined with the family’s unique living environment can create a meaningful communication environment for children, increase quality language stimulation, and provide more opportunities for children to express, all to help children improve The way of language ability!

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