Teach you how to protect children’s hearing


“0~7 years old is a critical period for children’s language development. Hearing loss during this period will not only cause speech development delay or deafness, but also affect children’s intellectual development and cause emotional, psychological, and social communication problems.”It is necessary to correctly prevent and detect children’s hearing problems in time, treat them as soon as possible, ensure the children’s hearing health, and abandon all aspects of prevention and diagnosis and treatment errors.

First of all, we must pay attention to the protection of the baby’s hearing from the beginning of pregnancy.The mother must ensure adequate nutrition. The fetal period is a key stage in the development of the hearing organs. It has higher requirements for nutrition. Once lack of nutrition, it will cause undesirable consequences.At the same time, maintaining a positive and optimistic mood is also crucial.For tobacco and alcohol, it will have a serious impact on the development of the fetus, so smoking smoking is the beginning of a good hearing for the fetus.During pregnancy, the use of drugs needs to be very cautious, because drug factors are the second biggest culprit of infant deafness.

Secondly, after the newborn is born, it is necessary to do a good job of hearing screening and check for some routine diseases, such as neonatal jaundice and other diseases, because these diseases are also easy to cause sensorineural nerves.Hearing loss.

Thirdly, in daily life, stay away from noisy environments, and it is best for children not to use headphones, loud toys, etc.Because if the number of decibels exceeds 85, human ears will suffer varying degrees of damage according to the length of time in the noise.Every increase of 10 decibels in sound means a 10 times increase in noise detrimental to the ears.

In addition, try not to use hard objects to dig out your ears. It is easy to damage the external ear canal and tympanic membrane. Germs are easy to invade. Once infection is caused, it may cause ear inflammation and even cause hearing loss.Therefore, preventive measures should be taken, and children should also be taught about ear protection and hearing protection.

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