After catching a cold, I always feel that I can’t hear clearly what’s wrong?

Have you ever had such a situation: After catching a cold, you often feel that your ears are blocked, and you can’t hear clearly, and don’t know what went wrong?

In fact, many people don’t know that the disease itself has a trigger and affects the whole body.The five sense organs are adjacent and connected, and the Eustachian tube connects the nose and ears.Under normal circumstances, the Eustachian tube is unblocked. If inflammation invades the Eustachian tube during a cold, the Eustachian tube becomes blocked and malfunctions. This will result in uneven pressure inside and outside the middle ear, and the pressure inside the middle ear cannot be balanced with the outside world. Negative pressure occurs, which leads to increased exudates and cannot be discharged through the Eustachian tube, which causes inverted tympanic membrane, middle ear effusion, and secretory otitis media. The main symptoms are ear swelling, blockage, and hearing loss.

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