Why do people who are deaf can not hear well?

      We still need to be treated if we are sick. Although treatment cannot make us heal, it can at least relieve us.Many people can’t be cured at the first hearing, then forget it, and die, but the final result is that the degree of deafness is getting worse and more and more inaudible voices, which gradually affects our speech recognition ability , So you will find that some patients with presbycusis not only have deafness, but they are also unclear about what they say.

      Early intervention for neurological deafness is extremely important. The so-called early intervention refers to: early detection, early fitting of hearing aids and persistent wearing Hearing aid .Unfortunately, the vast majority of elderly hearing impaired patients in my country have not achieved early detection and early fitting Hearing aid Over time, it has evolved into old neurological deafness. Their hearing function has deteriorated, their quality of life and mental health have been greatly affected, and many people have been marginalized by society.The World Health Organization clearly informs: 30% of Alzheimer’s patients are hearing impaired patients, and hearing impairment is one of the predisposing factors of Alzheimer’s disease!

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