Why do children suffer from otitis media?

When swimming, water will enter the ear from the external auditory canal, but if the tympanic membrane has no holes, water will not enter the middle ear from the external ear.However, if there are a lot of people in the swimming pool and the cleanliness and hygiene are not in place, bacteria or disinfectants in the water will enter the body through the child’s nose and mouth, leading to a cold and then otitis media.

A research report from the United States stated that when babies lie flat and drink water or milk, the water or milk will flow into the nasopharynx, which may cause otitis media.Therefore, when your baby drinks milk or other beverages, he should raise his head and wipe off the water or milk that comes out at any time.

On public transportation such as airtight trains or airplanes, or in poorly ventilated and densely populated public places, it is very easy to get cold virus, and it is also very easy for babies to get otitis media.Therefore, when taking children out, avoid crowded places as much as possible.

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