Potential deafness behaviors in daily life

1. Answer the call

The telephone is already indispensable in life, and it is actually a tool that always amplifies the sound.For the use of the phone, there is no damage to the ears under normal circumstances.However, if the volume of the mobile phone is turned on when answering the phone, and the answering time is more than half an hour, it will damage our hearing.

Talking on the phone is already commonplace. hearing Earaches may occur in the ears at the beginning of the loss, or the voice of oneself will be amplified when receiving a call, or the voice of the other party will feel less.These initial symptoms are basically mild.However, if we form a habit for a long time, our auditory cells will gradually weaken due to the inability to rest. As a result, our ears will gradually decrease in sensitivity to mid- and high-frequency sounds, that is, high-frequency hearing loss.

Therefore, our ears need to rest, which is also what we need to pay special attention to when protecting our hearing.

2. Listen to music

The rapid development of science and technology has met our requirements for the improvement of the quality of life.Listening to music is a common way for us to relieve fatigue, stress and relax.

Music playback devices include MP3/4, mobile phones, stereos, and so on.These devices have the function of amplifying the sound of music.Some people lie in bed and listen to music, some walk to work to listen to music, some ride a bicycle to listen to music, and some drive a loud DJ.There are also places that we often go to for gatherings such as KTV and karaoke.This comfortable way of listening to music to release stress and emotions often damages our ears.

If we stay in an environment with loud sound for a long time, then our hearing is easily damaged by it, especially at high frequencies.Generally, the sound in a place like KTV is above 80dB. In this environment for a long time, the cells responsible for our high-frequency hearing will be damaged due to fatigue, blood supply, and insufficient supply.For devices such as MP3 with low sound, although the sound is not very loud, if you listen for a long time, your ears will be damaged.Moreover, if you listen to music in a noisy environment, the volume must be louder than usual to ensure the sound is heard.

Therefore, it is generally recommended not to exceed half an hour when listening to the phone or music, so that our ears may serve us better.

Pay attention to some small habits in life and walk with health!

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