Are all the old people with bad ears?

Ears are very important to us. To protect your ears, you must first avoid water in your ears and do not swim in unclean water; check the condition of your ears before swimming, and wear earplugs when swimming; after swimming, use cotton swabs Suck the water in the ear canal and clean it.The second is to avoid noise stimulation, avoid staying in a high-noise environment for a long time, and when you encounter thunder or guns, you must cover your ears with your hands in time to protect the tympanic membrane; do not wear headphones for a long time to listen to music.

The third is to prevent colds. Once you have a cold or other inflammation, you must take medicine in time and treat it thoroughly.And don’t dig out your ears often, because the earwax in your ears has a certain protective effect on your ears. If you don’t dig out your ears properly, it will easily damage your ear canal and cause infection.In addition, eat less high-fat foods and eat more foods rich in vitamin B and C, such as lean meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits. These foods can protect hearing to a certain extent.

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