Effective music prenatal education, protect fetal hearing

Music prenatal education is widely promoted and popularized in many regions and countries.Psychologists believe that music prenatal education can make pregnant women feel relaxed and happy, thereby improving bad moods, producing a good mood, and transmitting this information to the fetus in the abdomen, making it deeply infected, and the mother can secrete some beneficial Healthy hormones promote the growth of the fetus.

However, the effectiveness and methods of music prenatal education have not yet issued strict standards, and sometimes the operating methods are not scientific and correct.Although some studies have proved that music has certain benefits in stimulating the development of the fetus, the choice of music, volume, and operation methods during prenatal education are more arbitrary. In addition, the brain and nerve development throughout the fetal period are very delicate, so , When conducting music prenatal education, one should not blindly follow the scientific method.

Choice of prenatal education time

The correct music prenatal education should be selected at about four months of pregnancy, because the fetal hearing is only mature enough at the beginning of four months.

The choice of prenatal music

The choice of music is best to avoid listening to stimulating music such as rock and symphony music with a wide range of music.You should choose a track that is simple and soothing, repetitive, and compatible with deep breathing.Moreover, it is better if you can hear natural sounds (water, wind, bird calls, etc.) at the same time.Too high music audio frequency can make the fetus deaf. The light one can only hear the speech, the severe one cannot hear the high-frequency sound, and even worse, it can cause lifelong deafness.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the fetus, it is necessary to ensure that the sound is controlled within a safe range, that is, below 60 decibels and within 2000 Hz.

Reasonable operation method

People usually think that music prenatal education is to put music equipment on the belly for the baby to listen to. However, if the microphone is placed on the mother’s belly, and the fetus is always floating in the mother’s body, if the fetus happens to be against the ear canal at this time In the mother’s abdominal wall, sound waves enter the mother’s body, and the fetal ear canal is directly stimulated by high-frequency sounds, which can easily cause damage to the fetus’s cochlea and auditory nerve.Sound waves that have not been safely controlled directly enter the human body, which will cause a strong stimulus to the short fibers on the fetal ear basement membrane, and easily damage the bottom of the cochlea, resulting in hearing loss in some children.It is also possible that due to the high volume, the sound enters the ear canal and there is no room for relaxation and maneuvering, which directly stimulates the fetus’s tender auditory organs.Therefore, during prenatal education, music equipment should not be placed directly on the belly, so as not to damage the fetus’s hearing.

Hearing prevention and treatment

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