Will the hearing loss caused by a two-week child’s ear cerumen affect speech?

If there is a cerumen embolism, we must deal with it in time. If you can’t remove the blockage by yourself, you need to go to the hospital for a doctor to assist in the treatment. The skin of the external auditory canal will also sweat, but the sweat is different from other parts. A pale yellow viscous discharge called cerumen.Studies have confirmed that the cerumen gland of the external auditory canal is indeed a mutated sweat gland. The viscous cerumen can hold the dust, bacteria, small insects and other foreign objects that enter the ear canal to protect the ears.In addition, the thick and oily cerumen can protect the skin of the external auditory canal just like a layer of oil.

It is more common that cerumen embolism affects children’s hearing.The main reason is the accumulation of excessive cerumen (earwax) in the external auditory canal, forming clumps, blocking the external auditory canal, causing abnormal pressure in the external auditory canal, leading to hearing loss.Under normal circumstances, hearing can be restored after the cerumen is taken out.In addition, children’s adenoid hypertrophy can cause secretory otitis media and also cause children’s hearing loss.Therefore, it is recommended that parents should go to the hospital for examination in time to determine the cause and treat in time if they find that the child is not yelling, lack of concentration, or poor spirits.

The doctor recommends that parents try to avoid water entering the baby’s ears when shampooing or bathing the baby. It is best to go to the hospital to clean up the baby’s cerumen when swimming, so as to prevent the ears from getting water and causing cerumen embolism; if When the baby’s ears are itchy or there is eardust in the external ear canal, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe it.Once the baby suffers from cerumen embolism, go to the ear, nose and throat specialist hospital to remove the embolism in time to prevent inflammation from affecting other tissues.

If there are often more cerumen, you can take them out to the hospital regularly as appropriate. Always pay attention to keep the external auditory canal dry to avoid embolism of the cerumen and cause local infection.Children with a large number of cerumen are often accompanied by inflammation of the external auditory canal, so they should consult a doctor in time.

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