Listening skills

In the process of interpersonal communication, listening plays a vital role. Only by listening, hearing clearly, and understanding can you talk to people effectively. Normal people are like this. Then, for hearing impaired patients, listening is their first step. One step, in the process of their recovery, in addition to wearing  Hearing aid  , In addition to maintaining a positive attitude, what other techniques are there to help them improve their hearing and communication skills?

1. Be focused.Pay attention to the other person’s expression, posture and body language.

2. When you have not heard clearly, ask questions to make sure you know the topic of the conversation.For example, “what did you say?” or “please repeat it again, please?” Or, shorten the distance with the person you are speaking to, so that your voice will naturally be amplified and you can hear the content of others’ words more clearly.

3. Ask the other party to repeat the content of the speech in a different way of expression until you understand it.

4. Carry pen and paper to facilitate communication.

5. It is best to face-to-face and choose a well-lit place to communicate, so that you can see the other’s mouth clearly, because reading lip language is also a good way.

6. “Alliance” with people you know and use their “power” to communicate with others.For example, in some social situations, you want to communicate with unfamiliar people. You can be with familiar people and ask them to help yourself. You can use special gestures to indicate your difficulties.

7. You can use some hearing aids such as FM wireless frequency modulation system or other aids to help communication.

8. Let yourself sit in the middle of a group of people, So it is easy to hear and see everyone, try to avoid sitting at the end of the table or sofa.

9. Stay away from noise when speaking.For example, if you are dining in a restaurant, try to choose a location farther away from the operating room and the door, because the sound of clashing dishes and door opening and closing in the operating room will disrupt your mood and interfere with your speech.

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