Can hearing loss be recovered?

The earlier the treatment of sudden deafness, the better the effect. More than 80% of patients who started treatment within one week of onset can recover or partially recover their hearing, and the effect of treatment after two weeks of onset will be worse.According to some data, after the onset of illness is more than one month old, the hearing has been basically shaped, and the effect of the treatment will be greatly reduced.Some patients become permanent deafness because they are not treated in time.Therefore, sudden deafness should be treated as an emergency.Drug therapy: low molecular weight dextran, dilation of blood vessels (calcium channel blockers, histamine derivatives, traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and stasis), anti-thrombosis and fibrinolytic thrombolytic agents (Donglingxanase, urokinase), vitamins, improving inner ear Metabolic drugs (Duxie, etc.), glucocorticoids, etc.; Traditional Chinese medicine such as compound Danshen, etc. Sedatives should be given to patients with tinnitus and dizziness.Physiotherapy and acupuncture: hyperbaric oxygen, acupoint injection around the ear, etc.Surgical treatment: drug injection into the tympanic cavity, pedicled temporal muscle flap to nourish the inner ear, etc.

Can be worn Hearing aid , Conservative treatment is mainly to nourish the nerves to improve the microcirculation.Hearing stability can be based on induction neurological deafness treatment.

药物治疗:因为感音神经性聋的致病原因较多,机制与病理改变不尽相同,故讫今尚无一个简单有效、适用于任何情况的药物与治疗方法。目前多在排除或治疗病因性疾病的同时,宜早选用血管扩张剂,降低血液粘稠度的药物、维生素B族、能量制剂,以及必要时在一定期间内应用类固醇激素等进行治疗。如罂粟碱、肝素、654-2、氢麦角碱、地巴唑、川芎嗪、葛根黄酮等血管扩张剂口服或注射。维生素B1、B6、B12,三磷酸腺苷、辅酶A、细胞色素C、低分子右旋糖酐,碳酸氢钠,高压氧等治疗,药物治疗无效者可配 Hearing aid .

       This is also one of the main reasons why hearing aids are much more expensive than expected, but they can obviously compensate the hearing loss of people with hearing loss, improve listening effects, and enhance the quality of life. These gains are far more valuable than the money paid.Therefore, hearing aids are the most common treatment for sensorineural hearing loss.So far, there is no better choice than wearing a hearing aid.

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