Why is vision loss solved by wearing glasses, but hearing loss is so troublesome?

      Although both eyes and ears belong to the five senses, visual loss and hearing loss cannot be generalized.Vision loss can usually be corrected to a more normal level with glasses, and the effect of hearing aids in improving hearing is often not so ideal.

      In other words, you can’t expect your hearing to fully return to normal after wearing a hearing aid, which is different from wearing glasses.

      AboutHearing lossAlthough hearing aid technology has greatly improved in the past ten years, hearing aids are, after all, a hearing aid tool and cannot repair or replace damaged inner ear hair cells.

      These hair cells are actually unable to regenerate, so when they are damaged or die, the number of signals transmitted to the brain will be greatly reduced. The brain can only resolve limited signals, so it is difficult for us to recognize speech signals, that is, we cannot hear Clear and unable to understand words.

      The current digital hearing aids have made great progress in this regard, and can extract useful information from complex sounds, but there is still a long way to go to reach the effect of improving vision by a pair of glasses.

      As mentioned above, human ear hair cells cannot be repaired after damage, and there is currently no effective method to repair them.Even after a few years, we have the ability to repair or regenerate the hair cells of the inner ear. Because the inner ear is located deep in the temporal bone of the skull, surgery is usually difficult.

      In view of the decline in vision, ophthalmologists recommend that adults have a vision check every two years, and for hearing loss, because hearing loss occurs frequently in the middle-aged and elderly population, hearing health experts recommend basic hearing tests before the age of 50. Hearing follow-up will be conducted every year after 55 years old.

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