Can people with acquired hearing loss also suffer from speech disorders?

Can people with acquired hearing loss also suffer from speech disorders?Yes, if we don’t hear sound for a long time, our ear function will decline and the resolution of speech will also decline.Once there is a drop in speech resolution, the effect of fitting hearing aids will be compromised.Therefore, once hearing loss occurs, it is best to get fitted as soon as possible Hearing aid To improve our quality of life.

      If a person’s hearing is not good, he just hears someone talking, but he doesn’t understand what people are saying, he will gradually become less fond of talking to others, but the more so because there is no voice and language The faster the auditory nerve degenerates, the slower the relative brain in processing this type of information, and the worse the ability to understand language!Many elderly people are unwilling to express their difficulties after hearing loss, and are unwilling to wear it Hearing aid , Afraid of inconvenience to others, fear of affecting the work and life of their children, so they are more autistic and reluctant to communicate with others; worry that being unable to hear others will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly, and then appear suspicion, depression, etc. Phenomenon; some people will become withdrawn and weird.The more severe the deafness, the more obvious the language barrier.

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