What should I do if my ears still cannot hear clearly?

XNUMX. It is possible that there is a warning in the ear, that is, the embolism is formed by too much earwax, which may not be obvious at ordinary times. If the water suddenly swells, the ears may suddenly become stuffy and inaudible.In this case, you need to go to the hospital to do external ear canal irrigation. Washing the cerumen will restore your hearing.

Therefore, no matter what kind of reason may cause the sudden inaudibility, it is recommended to go to the ENT department immediately for a hearing test.

Common people’s inaudibility is often due to general hearing loss, but some people have hearing loss at specific frequencies, such as noise-induced hearing loss at 4kHz, and otosclerosis often presents a V-shaped drop in hearing threshold at 2kHz~4kHz, which is called Kaha’s notch.In some presbycusis, high-frequency hearing loss occurs first in the early stage, which cannot be reflected on the general hearing test table. It can only be found when the hearing loss extends to the middle and low frequencies.So old people often hear the sound, but don’t understand the meaning.

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