Does excessive fatigue cause tinnitus?How to prevent it?

Excessive fatigue can cause earsNaruto?How to prevent it?

       There are many reasons for tinnitus, but your situation is likely to cause tinnitus.Excessive fatigue, tiredness in life, lack of sleep, excessive emotional stress, and always being buried at work can all lead to tinnitus, so you need to relax appropriately.Maintenance and rest, drinking plenty of water, and symptomatic treatment will alleviate and reduce physical exertion.

       In daily life, many people have experienced tinnitus. If it is transient tinnitus, you don’t need to be so nervous. If it is continuous and accompanied by other symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, and deafness, you must be vigilant. .The occurrence of tinnitus is often related to fatigue, sleep, menstrual cycle, emotional factors, blood state of the brain and hypoxia in the inner ear.

       The doctor reminds people that they should stay away from noisy environments as much as possible when they are tired at work. This can make people highly excited, but aggravate the sense of fatigue.Eat less high-fat foods, because they are not easy to digest, which will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines and make the body more fatigued.In addition, try to drink less strong alcohol and smoke less, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of tinnitus.

       It is understood that the sound of tinnitus can be suppressed, and music is the most ideal.Often listening to pleasant music can not only mask tinnitus, but also divert attention and delight the body and mind.The choice of music should be light music, jazz or rock music is not suitable, and the volume should not be too loud.If conditions permit, a special tinnitus masking device can be selected under the guidance of a specialist.In addition, finding a new “excitement point”, distracting, is also very helpful in treating tinnitus.It is recommended that tinnitus sufferers participate in physical exercises, do what they like to do as much as possible, socialize with friends, and communicate with tinnitus patients, and must not do nothing all day long, be alone in a room and be isolated from the outside world.

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