How does hearing loss or decline feel?

Hearing loss or declineWhat is it like to retire?

      Many people speak loudly after they become deaf, especially the elderly. They feel that they cannot hear others if they don’t speak loudly. This is a sign of deafness and requires timely diagnosis and treatment.

      In addition to the manifestation of hearing loss, the whole person’s attention is also very poor. If this happens, it needs to be treated in time to prevent untimely treatment from affecting work and life.

      The ear is one of the important organs of the human body. Once a problem occurs, it will not only affect normal hearing, but also bring a lot of trouble to life.We often see that some elderly people have poor hearing. In fact, young people nowadays, because of their working and living environment, can also affect their hearing and cause more damage to their ears. At this point, we need to pay more attention.

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