How is hearing loss calculated, and what are the criteria for the specific level?

      Natural hearing loss caused by age.Many elderly people will have some hearing loss.This is the result of the automatic decline of bodily functions when people get older.Exposure to high frequency noise environment for a long time.For example, working in a high-frequency noise environment, such as wearing headphones for a long time to listen to music with loud sounds, or deafness caused by some drugs, can also cause hearing loss from the beginning.

      Normal people’s hearing is generally between -XNUMX and XNUMX decibels.Hearing functions are normal.

      The hearing of patients with severe hearing loss is already greater than XNUMX decibels.In patients with severe hearing loss, in addition to severe hearing impairment during communication, their speech will also become blurred.At this time, the effect of wearing a hearing aid depends on the frequency and degree of the patient’s residual hearing.Because the patient’s speech recognition ability is very poor, in addition to relying on hearing aids, they have to rely on their visual observation and even touch to perceive sound.


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