Why do the elderly suffer hearing loss at a certain age, and what impact will it have on their lives?

      As we all know, aging has a certain degree of influence on the function of the auditory organ. Due to the thickening and hardening of the basement membrane of the cochlea, the aging of the auditory organ is a natural physiological phenomenon, so the incidence of hearing loss increases progressively with age. , Generally maintain a constant at the age of 70, no longer change.Experts point out that in addition to degenerative changes, many elderly people’s wrong nursing methods are also an important reason for the sharp decline in hearing. For example, when the ears are pulled out, the cotton swab is stretched too much or too hard, never cleans the ears, and stays noisy and noisy for a long time. In the environment of hearing loss, the volume of the TV is increased unconsciously when hearing loss.

4. Bad lifestyle habits: The most common is to wear headphones for a long time, the sound is loud, and some people even sleep with headphones.In addition, there are excessive staying up late, irregular life, excessive smoking and drinking, etc., which will affect the physical state including hearing.

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