How to restore ear hearing?

howRestore ear hearing?

Systemic diseases, deafness caused by infectious disease-induced deafness, are treated according to the cause, to maintain residual hearing, to expand blood vessels, and to improve the metabolism of the inner ear and other treatments.

Four, traumatic deafness

Traumatic deafness is mostly conductive deafness, try to restore and rebuild the sound conduction system, and surgical treatment is feasible.

③ Cochlear implants can be used for patients with extreme deafness on both sides.

Also known as transmissive deafness, it can be caused by lesions from the auricle to the middle ear and even the inner ear. Common diseases include:

Type 4: Sclerosis or obstruction of the bottom plate

Hearing loss is not limited to the elderly, but can also occur in childhood or adults.If it is a slight hearing loss, it is possible to restore hearing by following these methods.If external forces cause damage to the ear, such as damage to certain tissues, no matter what method is used, hearing may never be restored.So we must take care to protect our ears and all organs on our body.

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