Is tinnitus a worldwide problem?Can it return to normal?

3. The popular opinion in the world: if you adapt to tinnitus, you will be cured.Although the tinnitus is still ringing, it has no effect on you, does not affect your mood, is not upset, does not worry, does not fear, does not affect sleep, does not affect work, study and life.If you adapt, get used to it, agree with your tinnitus, you can “coexist peacefully” with your tinnitus, even if you are cured.

5. Drugs;

Don’t panic and fear when tinnitus occurs, and avoid increasing the psychological burden; pay attention to adjusting the rhythm of life and work to ensure adequate sleep; pay attention to whether there is hearing loss or other discomfort.After alleviation, we need to start from the aspects of life, work, and diet.Pay attention to the combination of work and rest in life, and learn to let go of mental chores and worries slowly.Mental chores, tension and anxiety can only be strengthened by the patient. It can be through torturing our body and emptying our soul, so that we can think less about these things, practice our bodies great, and enjoy life at the same time, instead of After being chased by life and making constant adjustments like this, you will slowly recover and no longer relapse.

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