Can noise-induced deafness be cured?What precautions?

      Noise-induced hearing loss is a progressive hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to noise. The degree of damage is mainly related to noise intensity and exposure time.Human ears exposed to a high-noise environment for a short period of time can cause temporary hearing loss, but this hearing loss recovers within 1 minute after being separated from the noise environment, which is called auditory adaptation.Hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to noise can be restored to normal within a few hours or even tens of hours after exposure to noise. Reversible hearing loss is called auditory fatigue.If you continue to be exposed to noise, auditory fatigue will appear repeatedly and increase continuously, which will eventually lead to irreversible and permanent hearing loss, that is, noise.Hearing loss.The injury site is the inner ear. Common pathological changes mainly include lodging and shedding of ear hair, swelling, degeneration and disappearance of ear hair cells, and the changes of ear hair cells are irreversible changes.When noise-induced hearing loss occurs, it is generally difficult to recover, and there is currently no effective treatment method.

      Generally, sounds less than 75 decibels rarely cause hearing damage.Avoid excessive noise when exposed to noise, too close to the sound source, or exposure for too long, but if you are a person above 80 decibels for a long time, then it is very likely to suffer from noise-induced deafness, especially some jobs with special nature People, such as ktv, bar staff, airport guides, those who drill the ground, etc., are all people who are prone to noise-induced deafness.

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