My child has mild to moderate hearing loss, should I intervene early?

* The average hearing loss is 71~90dB, which can be audible to loud sounds, but cannot distinguish speech sounds, which can lead to language barriers.

Early intervention time: In the universal new born hearing screening (UNHS) project, all babies who fail the screening are required to receive a comprehensive audiology and medical evaluation within 3 months after birth. Hearing-impaired infants and young children diagnosed with permanent hearing loss should receive intervention as soon as possible within 6 months; determine the cause and conduct etiological inquiry before wearing hearing aids, and take appropriate treatment and intervention measures based on the results.

In the process of growth and development of children with mild-to-moderate hearing impairment, they have unknowingly experienced delays in auditory function, speech development, logical thinking, and cognitive learning, but the parents have not clearly noticed that children of the same age There is a gap, but it is often late for parents to find out when the 9-15 year-olds are not able to keep up with the high-class learning requirements and difficult studies. ”

Link:      My child has mild to moderate hearing loss, should I intervene early?

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