Why does otitis media tinnitus?

      People with normal hearing can hear the buzzing of blood circulation and the tremor of muscles when the fire is blocking their children in an extremely quiet environment. Under normal circumstances, they cannot hear this sound because the environmental noise conceals it. effect.When conductive hearing loss occurs in otitis media, the intensity of environmental noise is relatively reduced, which reduces the normal masking effect, so tinnitus occurs.This kind of tinnitus is mostly low-key buzzing or roaring. If otitis media causes damage to the ear, high-key tinnitus can also occur.

      Otitis media can be divided into different types of otitis media according to the severity of the disease. However, some common points are that most of them are caused by bacterial infections. The most common otitis media can lead to perforation of the tympanic membrane, tinnitus, hearing loss, and even Lost.

      For example, acute otitis media is usually infected by the Eustachian tube. Usually in the case of a cold and flu, the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed, and active bacteria will directly enter the middle ear from the opening of the Eustachian tube in the nasopharynx, causing inflammation of the middle ear mucosa. In childhood, this The situation is particularly common.Because the adult Eustachian tube is narrow, curved and long, the opposite is true for infants and young children. The Eustachian tube is short, thick and horizontal, so bacteria in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx are easy to invade, causing acute otitis media and even acute suppurative otitis media, which affects hearing. .

      In the middle ear cavity, there is a thin tube leading to the nasopharynx, medically called the Eustachian tube.Because children’s eustachian tubes are relatively short, wide, straight and horizontal, and children’s body resistance is weak, they are prone to acute rhinitis, tonsillitis and other upper respiratory tract infections, and certain infectious diseases such as measles, scarlet fever, flu, etc. It often causes increased secretions in the nasopharynx, or when babies are spitting up milk, choking and twisting the nose too hard, bacteria can easily enter the middle ear from the Eustachian tube and become the most common cause of purulent otitis media.

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