What should not eat for people with sudden deafness?

2. Lower blood lipids. High blood lipids will easily affect the blood circulation of the inner ear of the patient, leading to a significant increase in inner ear peroxides. For this reason, lowering blood lipids can prevent the occurrence of the disease and alleviate the patient’s condition. The patient can take it appropriately Some vegetable oils and more foods that lower blood lipids, such as onions, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, garlic, fungus, beans, corn, fish, etc., are all very good foods.

3. Pay attention to reducing the intake of fat. Due to the large intake of lipid foods, the patient’s blood lipids will easily increase, and the blood viscosity will increase, leading to the appearance of arteriosclerosis.The inner ear is particularly sensitive to blood supply disorders. Once the symptoms of blood circulation disorders appear, it is very easy to cause nutritional deficiencies in the auditory nerves and sudden deafness. For this reason, you should reduce the consumption of various animal organs, fat, and butter. The diet should be based on Mainly light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, can improve hearing and reduce the harmfulness of diseases.

Diet is very important for patients with sudden deafness. Friends must beware of the occurrence of the disease. Once the ears develop, active treatment must be taken, and attention must be paid to the work of nursing care. The daily diet is reasonably arranged to avoid excessive irritation. For serious foods, reduce greasy foods, adjust your diet, and achieve a healthy diet.

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