What is the psychological harm of hearing impairment?

What is the psychological harm of hearing impairment?

      People with severe hearing impairment in both ears will bring certain restrictions on work, employment, marriage, etc., and make the hearing impaired have different degrees of psychological pressure.Some people with sensorineural hearing disorders spend a lot of money seeking medical treatment without obvious curative effect, often causing psychological loss, anxiety and depression.

What about hearing impaired?

1. Hearing aid It is recommended for patients with hearing loss ≤80dB Hearing aid , Parallel auditory and speech rehabilitation training. 2. Cochlear implants Cochlear implants are currently helping severe and extremely hearing impaired…

Hearing impairment generally does not affect life expectancy, but it can affect the life of patients to varying degrees, reduce their quality of life, and can also bring psychological pressure. In severe cases, they can cause mental disorders.

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