Can knocking, sudden deafness, or drug poisoning cause tinnitus and deafness?

Detonation, sudden deafness, drug poisoning can causeTinnitus and deafness?

Tinnitus and deafness are caused by various causes of inner ear microcirculation disorders that lead to ischemia and hypoxia of inner ear auditory hair cells, causing material metabolism, energy metabolism and nutritional disorders, and degeneration, defect, and necrosis of inner ear auditory hair cells, leading to tinnitus and hearing loss .

      It is sensorineural deafness caused by the degeneration of the inner ear and auditory nerve. It usually occurs over 60 years of age and is the main cause of deafness in the elderly.Some people think that hearing loss is a normal phenomenon of old age and cannot be treated, but it is not.Hearing aids can be worn to improve hearing. In severe cases, cochlear implantation can be performed, which can also help reduceHearing loss.

      Tinnitus is a relatively common disease in our lives. Many people who suffer from tinnitus do not take very mild or short-term tinnitus seriously, and then make the tinnitus worse after a long time, and it will not start until there are complications. Urgent treatment.

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