Social distress of hearing impaired patients

Hearing impairment firstly brings difficulties to people’s work and life communication: 

1. Leaders and colleagues can’t hear well in conversations, and they are always worried because they are afraid that others may misunderstand or affect their work.

2. When family members talk to you, they often “ignore” and answer the wrong questions, which affects the harmonious atmosphere in the home.

3. It is often difficult to hear when talking on the phone or watching TV, turning the volume up loudly, making family members and neighbors noisy.

4. The elderly cannot hear, the content of sound information input to the brain is reduced, and the brain’s ability to distinguish sound information is reduced, which further aggravates the hearing impairment, which is manifested as the speed of speech and the brain can’t distinguish and process the sound information. Voice, do not understand the meaning.As a result, the elderly are less willing to communicate with others and listen less frequently. This often results in loneliness, depression, or irritability in the elderly, a decline in the quality of life, and some are also prone to senile dementia.

Link:      Social distress of hearing impaired patients

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