What is the cause of tinnitus?

3. At present, the oldest and most effective method is masking therapy-using external sounds to suppress tinnitus.

      The effective rate of this therapy for patients with significant tinnitus is as high as 60%-80%. Based on this principle, people invented a tinnitus treatment instrument that uses electronic devices to emit targeted sounds that are not annoying to the patient to reduce the negative effects of tinnitus. Influence.General hospitals have tinnitus treatment equipment, but the treatment course is several months and the cost is relatively high.In recent years, some people abroad have suggested using hearing aids to replace tinnitus treatment devices, relying on signal sound amplification to conceal tinnitus, and good results have been achieved.At present, there are already tinnitus masking functions on the market Hearing aid .

      Practice has proved that this is an effective method, especially for people with severe tinnitus.Therefore, the use of hearing aids for tinnitus patients can not only compensate for hearing loss but also mask tinnitus.

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