How do family members find that the elderly have bad ears?

      In life, some elderly people are familiar with the tone and movement of their family members, so they can respond quickly even if they hear the back of their ears, which makes the family members unable to detect their hearing problems.However, this potential ear back often puts the elderly in danger, and some elderly people even have traffic accidents because they can’t hear the sound of car horns.

7. When talking to the elderly, it is best not to cover your mouth or talk while eating.Old people with hard-of-eared ears can “read the lips” to figure out what the speaker means.

      Faced with elderly people with back-of-the-ear problems, family members must take them to the ENT department of a regular hospital for hearing tests.Many backs of the ears may be caused by infections or even tumors. Therefore, you cannot go to the pharmacy to buy a hearing aid casually to deal with the problem. It is necessary to receive a doctor’s examination and symptomatic treatment, which is beneficial to the health of the elderly.

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