Why is hearing loss more likely to occur in winter?How to protect hearing?

Why hearing loss is more likely to occur in winterlose?How to protect hearing?

      Towards the end of the year, many people are becoming busy. Overworked work and study will inevitably lead to unhealthy conditions in the body. In order to reduce the risk of sudden hearing loss caused by long-term stress, it is necessary to consciously adjust the pace of life , Let the pace of life slow down, let the tight nerves relax.When you are in a good mood, the body’s immune function will also improve, which will block “external forces” from attacking our hearing.

      The sudden drop in temperature will cause the blood vessels to spasm from thick to thin, and the capillary blood supply of the inner ear is insufficient and sudden hearing loss occurs.Dress up when traveling in cold weather and avoid catching cold.

      After getting older, many friends have basic diseases, especially chronic diseases. It is inevitable to take medicine regularly, but you must take medicine strictly according to the doctor’s instructions to avoid drug-induced deafness.For example, antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, etc., if taken for too long, alternate drug reactions with other drugs may induce hearing loss.

      For our hearing health, it is very important to develop good working and living habits: workers who have been exposed to noise for a long time should use anti-noise earplugs at all times to protect our hearing.Learn to release work pressure and life pressure well, and try to avoid a lot of smoking and drinking.If you find that you may haveHearing loss, Or tinnitus, it is recommended to go to the hearing center as soon as possible to check your ears.Some ear diseases can be treated, such as cerumen embolism.If it is diagnosed as neurological deafness, etc., there is currently no medicine or surgery to restore hearing, and hearing aids are selected as soon as possible to improve hearing.

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