Are there any restrictions on the diet for hearing loss?

* It is forbidden to eat sweets and snacks.If the sugar content in food is too high, the viscosity of human blood vessels will increase, which will affect the continuous rise of blood pressure.Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should pay attention to the dietary limit of sugar in normal times, try not to eat or eat less desserts with high sugar content.It is recommended that the staple food should be matched with thickness, not just to eat rice noodles, but also to eat corn, beans, millet, etc. often.It is best not to eat or eat less oil cakes, fried dough sticks, fried cakes, cream cakes, chocolate, milk ice cream, etc.

In principle, one should pay attention to a light diet, and often eat foods with cool and low fire, such as rice porridge, noodles, lean meat soup, and fresh fruits and vegetables, such as pears, oranges, mustard greens, carrots, etc. Eating more of these foods will help Relief of inflammation.

       If you are exposed to various noises such as the roar of the machine, the noisy workshop, and the noise of the human voice for a long time, the tiny blood vessels of the inner ear will often be in a state of spasm, the blood supply of the inner ear will be reduced, and the hearing will be sharply reduced.Therefore, avoiding or reducing noise interference as much as possible is the first one to protect hearing.

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