Can children with sudden deafness be cured after half a year?

      Generally speaking, there is therapeutic value within three months. Your condition is basically fixed and can be improved by hearing aids.If the treatment period of sudden deafness exceeds three months, if there is no improvement, it is generally a stable period, and the possibility of cure is unlikely.However, if the cause of sudden deafness (such as weakness and cardiovascular problems) is removed, hearing may still improve. Such cases are not uncommon.

      Sudden deafness patients need good rest and a relatively quiet environment to avoid noise stimulation.The diet should be light and low in sodium, and avoid irritating foods such as tobacco, alcohol, and hot peppers.Sudden hearing loss can cause more anxiety, irritability, and other negative emotions and psychological pressures. It needs to be resolved in time to avoid drastic emotional changes.

* Balanced diet: match meat and vegetables, add more fresh fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and limit alcohol.Control basic diseases: such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

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