How does it feel to be deaf and unable to hear the sound?

Deaf, listenWhat does it feel like to hear no sound?

      I can’t hear the sound, I can only watch the speaker’s mouth move, and I don’t know what the other person is saying or whether he is talking to you. Over time, people will develop an inferiority complex, unwilling to get along with and interact with outsiders, and cause serious depression. disease.If people do not touch sound for a long time, their brains will slowly become dull, and people will become dull. In short, they live in a silent world, because they can’t communicate and can only be lonely.

      An adult who is normal to deaf is like being in the dark in a house with no light, panicking one step at a time, and feeling every step is like walking like an abyss.I can only see other people’s lips moving, but I don’t know if the other person is talking to myself. I feel isolated and become more and more autistic. In order to disguise my invisible disability, I keep my eyes on the lips of others; go out. Later, I couldn’t hear the sound of the bird, I couldn’t feel the charm of the sound, and I felt insecure.

      After the baby’s deafness arrives at the hearing aid, it is like walking out of a house with no light, a surprise step by step, it turns out that the world can be like this.I have felt a lot of novel things, learned to call mom and dad, learned to say I am hungry, learned to express various emotions in language, learned to say I love you, and use my ears to grasp the language of communication with life.

      Long-term deafness can change a person’s psychology. Long-term deafness can make people feel inferior and unable to speak clearly. According to research, the probability of patients with mild hearing impairment suffering from Alzheimer’s is 1.89 times that of normal people, the probability of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in moderately deaf patients is 3 times that of normal people, and the probability of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in patients with severe hearing impairment is 4.94 times that of normal people.

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