What methods can be used to treat deafness?

(1) Medication.Drug treatments such as improvement of inner ear microcirculation and hair cell nutrition should be taken shortly after deafness occurs.Because the inner ear hair cells of sensorineural hearing loss cannot be regenerated after necrosis and fall off, the effect of medication is poor, and the longer the deafness is, the less likely it is to be cured.If the sudden deafness is 1 to 3 weeks after the drug treatment can still be carried out, more than 3 weeks, the effect is not good.

(3) Hearing aid .This is by far the most practical and effective hearing compensation and rehabilitation method for the sensorineural deafness or conduction deafness who has lost the opportunity of medicine and surgery.

(4) Electronic cochlear surgery.It is suitable for extremely deaf patients who are ineffective in wearing hearing aids.It is generally believed that the effect is better for children under 5 years old and adults with post-linguistic deafness, but the cost is relatively expensive and clinical application is limited.

      ① Auditory training.After deaf patients wear hearing aids, they should gradually cultivate their listening habits and improve their ability of hearing awareness, auditory attention, auditory understanding and memory.

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