Let’s talk about how it feels when otitis media is painful?

      There are two main types of ear inflammation: one is external otitis; the other is otitis media.The main symptoms of otitis externa include earache, fever and itching in the ears, and some may have a small amount of secretion flowing out. When pulling the auricle, you can feel severe pain, the skin of the external auditory canal is red and swollen, and the external auditory canal becomes narrow. In general, the tympanic membrane may have hyperemia, and some patients may have decreased hearing.The condition of otitis media is different from otitis externa. Earache, hearing loss and tinnitus can be manifested.If the tympanic membrane is perforated, there may be symptoms of ear discharge.In addition, both external otitis and otitis media may be accompanied by systemic infections, such as fever, chills, and loss of appetite.

Otitis media symptom XNUMX: The patient will experience dizziness, vomiting, facial paralysis, severe headache, chills, high fever and other symptoms, which prove that there are complications and require timely treatment.

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