Is it tinnitus or brainnitus that causes hearing loss?

       The cause is tinnitus caused by diseases in the ear itself.It is tinnitus caused by neurological diseases caused by other organs of the body, such as brain ringing.In general, tinnitus may be accompanied by hearing loss.

       If you are in a noisy environment for a long time, you will also experience tinnitus, which is also a condition of ear disease. If this happens, it means that deafness is not far away from you.Under normal circumstances, if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, or drug allergies, you will experience tinnitus, because your ears are more sensitive. If you take irritating drugs for a long time, you will definitely experience tinnitus, and severely deafness.Everyone now knows why many patients are deaf due to poisoning.The last point is fever, which is usually in children, and if you feel uneasy, you will be deaf.

       Don’t panic if you encounter sudden hearing loss, please go to the hospital immediately, or you can use some apps to check your hearing briefly, and then go to the hospital.In any case, don’t just make your own conclusions, because there are many reasons for hearing loss, and it is necessary for the hospital to do some examinations and gradually investigate, and finally determine the cause of hearing loss.

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