What foods are most effective for tinnitus?


       Soybean is a kind of food with high iron content, and the content of iron and zinc is much higher than other foods.Soybeans also contain a lot of calcium, which can supplement the lack of calcium metabolism in the cochlea and improve the symptoms of deafness and tinnitus.Iron supplementation in the human body can expand capillaries, soften red blood cells, ensure blood supply to the ears, and effectively prevent hearing loss.

       Foods rich in zinc include fish, beef, pork liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, various seafood; apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes and so on.

       In many cases, tinnitus can make people upset and restless. In severe cases, it can affect normal life and work.We often suffer from tinnitus.It is worth noting that the daily diet of tinnitus must be “eat right”, otherwise eating the wrong food will aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus.

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