How can I tell if my ears are staring?

       Of course, in addition to judging whether there is cerumen by the person’s hearing loss, we can also judge whether there is cerumen in the person’s ears by digging their ears. If there is no way to dig ears for very big things, it is basically caused by cerumen. Don’t dig hard at this time to avoid some bad effects on people’s health. Instead, go to the local hospital. Perform professional ear digging and remove the cerumen.

       Cerumen is a very common thing in our daily life. In fact, it is what we often call earwax. Everyone has earwax. When earwax swells and hardens when exposed to water, it turns into cerumen, which causes people Hearing loss on the body is also one of the most common adverse symptoms caused by cerumen. It also has a certain adverse effect on people’s health and daily life. If a person has similar symptoms It’s best for everyone to go to the local hospital for examination and treatment.

       Ear cerumen is mainly composed of substances secreted by the cerumen and sebaceous glands in the skin of the ear canal. Most of this cerumen is dry, and some people can also be oily.Generally, the cerumen can be discharged by the patient’s chewing and head activities gradually and slowly. For some patients, if the cerumen is thicker or harder, it is recommended to go to the ENT clinic and have a professional doctor use a suction device to see if the cerumen can be sucked. come out.If you still can’t breathe it out, you can use sodium bicarbonate ear drops for ear softening treatment. After 3-4 days, you can rinse it out with normal saline to achieve a good treatment.All in all, the cerumen can be taken out by the above methods.

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