How to choose a suitable hearing aid in terms of price?

How to choose the right price Hearing aid ?

       There are many brands of hearing aids, and each brand has prices ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands. It is recommended that you first go to a professional hearing aid fitting center to check your hearing, and scientifically fit the appropriate one according to the actual hearing loss and needs. Hearing aid , The price of hearing aids of different powers and different grades are different. According to the problem to be solved, the optician will help you choose several experiences and determine according to your own needs.It is recommended to choose a hearing aid suitable for your hearing is the best.

       For example, under the premise that my hearing loss is not very serious, I hope that when chatting at home, my family can relax and do not have to shout and talk all the time. Such a need can be solved by fitting a basic hearing aid.However, on this basis, I also put forward the demand of “I want to go to supermarkets, vegetable markets and other crowded places with my family and friends”, which is equivalent to putting forward higher requirements on the noise reduction function of hearing aids. The number of hearing aid functions will increase, and the price will increase accordingly.

       1) Reserve a certain space for power selection.Some hearing aids have price differences in power. Generally, the greater the power, the higher the price.In order to improve the price/performance ratio, some friends will choose a hearing aid with a power that is just right for them. There is a certain risk. If the hearing declines after one or two years and the power is not enough, they can only replace the hearing aid. The problem of high cost performance is not high.

       2) Choice of suitable listening environment.Someone chooses only one that is barely enough when choosing the performance and function of the hearing aid, which is actually undesirable.Just last year, I met a user who was equipped with a hearing aid and only considered the scene of working in the office at the time. He chose a machine with performance that can meet the requirements of a quiet environment. Who knows he was promoted within a month. I started to be responsible for outdoor transportation construction. I needed to go outside to communicate with my colleagues. I had to take the original hearing aids to the store to upgrade. This is because I have not passed the trial period to upgrade the grade smoothly.

       Therefore, when we consider cost performance, we must also leave enough space for our own needs.

       From the perspective of audiology, the hearing aid that suits you is the best hearing aid. This requires the audiologist to carefully select and match according to your specific situation. This is a very technical matter, especially in the current market. In the case of fierce competition, the price gap is also very large. Therefore, the price is by no means the only criterion for choosing hearing aids, so be sure to go to a professional fitting store for fitting.

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