How to prevent the occurrence of deafness?

      As we age, there will be a gradual hearing loss.There are more secretions in the ears, which can be caused by age factors, neurological diseases, and otitis media.The diet should be light, don’t eat too greasy, don’t use drugs indiscriminately before you are sure, go to the otolaryngology department to go to the ear, nose and throat department through hearing examination, otoscope examination to confirm the diagnosis.Then treat according to the cause.

      (2) Hearing aid : So far the most practical and effective hearing compensation and rehabilitation method for the sensorineural deafness or conduction deafness who has lost the opportunity of medicine and surgery.

      ②Speech training: train deaf children to speak, lip-read, understand and accumulate vocabulary, master grammar rules, and express thoughts and feelings flexibly and accurately.Through the joint efforts of teachers and parents, deaf children can truly hear and speak without being dumb.

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