Is it a bad habit to pick your ears?

Is it a bad habit to pick your ears?

Ear digging is a very bad habit.

Because earwax itself is also a substance secreted by the human body to protect the ears, it can prevent small bugs from entering the ear canal, and it can also stick to the dust that enters the ears. Therefore, earwax is a line of defense to protect the ears. It will directly enter the ear canal and cause damage to the ear.

In addition, ear digging tools are generally not clean. If the skin of the ear canal is injured, the ear will be infected with bacteria and cause suppuration.If you use improper force and accidentally puncture the tympanic membrane, you can become deaf.

The inner wall of the ear canal is relatively weak and it is easier to be scratched. When you use your fingers to go in and out your ears, have you ever thought about what your fingers have just touched? How much dirt is in your nails?The editor has seen a big brother, he immediately went to dig his ears after picking his feet, let alone how dirty the feet are often sweating, if there is athlete’s foot, there may be some fungi, and the nails are also places where dirt and dirt are collected. , If these dirty things remain in the ear canal when you take out your ears, can you imagine what will happen to them in your ears?Bacterial infection is very likely.

So, there are too many earwax, should I take it out?

A small amount of earwax, it is better not to move it.If there is too much earwax that affects hearing, it should of course be removed as soon as possible.If the earwax is too much and fills the ear canal, it is best to ask a doctor to remove it, so as not to damage the ear canal and tympanic membrane, causing unwanted inflammation or perforation.

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