How to distinguish hearing loss and cognitive impairment?

       Hearing loss refers to hearing loss caused by certain factors, and the ability to perceive sound is much worse than that of normal hearing people, and it will affect work and life. It can be intervened by matching hearing aids or cochlear implants.

       Cognitive impairment is one of the psychological disorders, cognitive deficits or abnormalities.Cognition refers to the process by which the human brain receives external information, processes it, and transforms it into internal mental activities, thereby acquiring knowledge or applying knowledge.It includes memory, language, visual space execution, calculation and comprehension judgment.Cognitive impairment refers to the impairment of one or more of the above cognitive functions. When two or more of the above cognitive domains are affected and affect the individual’s daily or social abilities, it can be diagnosed as dementia.

       Although the results of screening for mild cognitive impairment and dementia are quite different, the screening tool we use clinically is the same: the use of the Mini Mental State Examination Scale (MMSE).This screening tool is a typical questionnaire, clinically, it has high sensitivity and specificity, and can have normal values ​​suitable for different education levels and ages.It has been used in China.Mild cognitive impairment may be related to a variety of factors, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, brain injury, brain tumor, central nervous system infection, alcohol abuse, and abuse of other drugs.From the perspective of age alone, the difficulties faced by patients with mild cognitive impairment are far greater than those of the same age.Ms. Zhang Han pointed out that it should be noted that patients with mild cognitive impairment are not the same as those with dementia, and they do not show impairment of intellectual judgment or reasoning ability.Therefore, the academic community believes that mild cognitive impairment is actually a so-called “transition syndrome” between normal cognitive function and dementia, because more than 50% of patients with mild cognitive impairment will develop into dementia within five years Sufferers.

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