Sudden tinnitus and deafness, severe hearing loss, what is going on?

Sudden tinnitus and deafness, listenThe strength drop is serious, what is going on?

     Many young people have tinnitus. In fact, it is inseparable from young people who like to listen to music with headphones. Ears listening with headphones for a long time will make the auditory nerve fatigue, and long time will cause tinnitus.

     Nowadays, the radiation of the magnetic field is also very serious, especially when making a phone call, because the radiation is very large after the phone is connected, and it will be bad for the ears.After a long period of time, it is easy to produce edema and cause tinnitus.

     There are many diseases that can cause tinnitus. Some serious diseases can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the ears, which can cause tinnitus.

Sudden deafness and tinnitus can be found from six aspects:

     Nowadays, there are more and more noise sources. Long-term noise is very harmful to ears. If you work in noise, you must wear protective earmuffs.

     ② Supplement foods rich in protein and vitamins.Studies have found that noise can increase the consumption of some amino acids and vitamins in the human body.The human body lacks vitamin foods, and the auditory cells of the inner ear that dominate the auditory function will undergo degenerative diseases; therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin D, iron, zinc and other elements in our daily diet.This type of food mainly includes lean meat, beans, fungus, mushrooms, various green leafy vegetables, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, oysters and so on.

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